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Pick up your passport at the entrance of the show and discover the Premium Sourcing exhibitors in a different way through an entertaining tour. On your way you will get stickers validating your visits to the mentioned stands (a passport includes 4 stands) and especially welcome offers: samples, commercial discounts, free shipping…

Once your trip is over and your winnings are collected, fill in your contact details on your passport and insert it into the ballot box to participate in the prize draw. You may win a weekend for 2 people in Europe*.

With this animation, Premium Sourcing confirms its business meetings values, an ideal opportunity to be put in contact with new suppliers and develop your network.

*Game by prize draw. On condition that the passport is complete (all stickers collected and contact details duly completed)  




Make your selfie on the new photobooth, share it on social networks! Leave with your souvenir photo of the trade show!

On this space only one rule: have fun!

Meeting point stand E2

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Attend conferences led by experts in advertising gifts and garment on the program: market trends, B2B social network management, or even how to communicate effectively with your customers.


Conferences given by :


The French Federation of Professionals in Communication by Gifts

Its aims are the professionalization, representation, defense and promotion of the promotional gifts sector and the professional interests of its members.




European SourcingLogo European Sourcing

European Sourcing is a European service platform dedicated to distributors of promotional gifts, promotional garment and business gifts. (Sourcing platform, catalogue generator, website generator, newsletter generator, customer relations tools, training on social networks…)


Wednesday 7th September
Thursday 8th September
Wednesday 7th September - 11:00
CONFERENCE: Made in France in the media object

Regulations, transparency, responsible communication, OFG label, customs MFI, CSR and economic angle, Swiss Made comparison… Legislation evolves, so does the demand. How can you tell the real from the fake? We will try to find out together!

Gérald Paya
Consultant et formateur auprès de la 2FPCO // Consultant and trainer for 2FPCO
Wednesday 7th September - 14:00
ROUND TABLE: Made in Europe: a booming alternative!

While some media suppliers have been working on made in Europe for several years, this segment has been growing very strongly since Covid, and is now even more so due to the freight and supply crisis. So what is made in Europe? In which European countries are there sources of supply and factories? For what types of products? Can everything be made in Europe today? Are the quality requirements and certifications the same throughout Europe (and in comparison with made in France and Asia)? How can this European offer be promoted to advertisers? These are just some of the questions we will be addressing with our guests.


Aymeric PETIT
Directeur général Boracay // General Director Boracay
Rodolphe JAQUET
PDG Bewear Citizen Green // CEO Bewear Citizen Green
Dirigeant chez Armaçao Design // Director of Armaçao Design
Bertrand GENEVI
Rédacteur en chef C!mag // Editor-in-Chief C!mag
Wednesday 7th September - 15:30
CONFERENCE: New trends in digital marketing

Through this conference, we will explore the future major trends in the digital market and analyse their potential in the context of a communication strategy.


Gael Rolland
Responsable marketing à European Sourcing // Marketing manager at European Sourcing
Thursday 8th September - 11:00
CONFERENCE: Marketing automation in practice

Through this conference, we will redefine the notion of process and the proper formalisation of these processes to meet your strategic objectives. We will analyse the main solutions on the market to model and automate your processes.

Gael Rolland
Responsable marketing à European Sourcing // Marketing manager at European Sourcing
Thursday 8th September - 14:00
ROUND TABLE: Connected objects: niche market or future of media objects?

More and more suppliers are now deploying solutions such as NFC chips and QR codes to enable objects to go beyond their function and link haptic and digital communication. How do these connected objects work and how do they differ from wearables? What needs do these solutions meet? Do they extend the life of promotional objects and textiles? How are these connected objects perceived and how can they be integrated into a communication campaign through objects? Are they a niche segment or do they represent the future of the media object? We will discuss all these questions with our experts.


Responsable commercial chez Prodir // Sales Manager for Prodir
Dorian HAM
PDG de Senzu // CEO at Senzu
Responsable Commercial Sud-Est chez Intemporel et Directeur Commercial chez Publitags // Sales Manager for Intemporel and Sales Director at Publitags
Alessandro MOLESI
Chef de produit Rocket Book chez Bic Graphic // Product manager Rocket Book at Bic Graphic
Bertrand GENEVI
Rédacteur en chef C!mag // Editor-in-Chief C!mag
Thursday 8th September - 15:00
CONFERENCE: A responsible sales tool and a bachelor’s degree in Media Objects: the 2FPCO takes the sector forward

The 2FPCO is a driving force for the professionalisation of the sector. By creating a Bachelor Objet Média diploma, the federation is going to provide the sector with a powerful educational tool to train future professionals and to promote the media object ecosystem to schools of communication and business, but not only… with the responsible sales tool, the federation also allows you to qualify the eco-responsibility of a media object.


Gérald Paya
Consultant et formateur auprès de la 2FPCO // Consultant and trainer for 2FPCO
Antony Villeger
Président de la 2FPCO // President of 2FPCO
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