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Launched in 2017, Le Beau Thé is a tea factory, halfway between the delicatessen and the artistic creation. From design to production, everything is done at La Courneuve, with products that are above all made in France. The printing, sewing and preparation of orders are done in the factory.


All products meet 4 quality objectives:

100% Organic

100% Made in France

100% Handcrafted product

100% Handcrafted production

And 0% Plastic objective.



The personalized tea bag: an original and high-quality present

The core product is the personalized tea bag (8.3 x 8.3cm). Two areas of personalization are available: the front and the back. You can create any design you like: add an image, your logo, a thank you note or a call-to-action on the back of the bag. Whatever the occasion, the tea bag will become the perfect communication media to make an impact!

Furthermore, a team of graphic designers is available to help you with your project.





The bag is a premium textured paper, sourced in the EU and suitable for food contact. The muslin is made from Ecocert certified cotton, sewn without staples, and is fully biodegradable and compostable. The ingredients used, whether it is the tea, or the flowers and fruits used in the recipes are sourced worldwide. However, the team take care to select plots of land that are certified organic by European, French or German certifications.

Concerning the flavors, you can choose from a selection of 11 recipes. Between teas and infusions, there is one for everyone’s taste! Le beau thé offers two collections of original recipes : the “Pour l’Amour de nos vices”collection and the « Pour l’amour, tout simplement » collection. All the flavors are original creations. Our two best-selling recipes are “Coup de fouet”: a subtle blend of black and green tea and “Coup de foudre”: an infusion whose main ingredient is rooibos.

Fun fact: rooibos is also known as red tea, but in fact there is no theine in it.



Gift sets, for big and small occasions

For a more upmarket gift, chose the offer of tea bags in the form of gift sets. A selection of 4 gift boxes with different sizes and formats. Inside each box, you can mix and match the designs and flavors of the tea bags.

First, there is a gift bag that can contain between 3 and 5 personalized tea bags (13.5 x 6 x 7 cm). This has all the qualities of a large box, even with 3 bags!

The factory also offers a cubic gift box, with the possibility to insert between 10 and 15 bags (9 x 9 x 9 cm). Mix recipes and designs in the box and communicate the story of your company or project in a chic and offbeat way.

Tired of champagne and chocolates? Then the “luxury” box is the perfect way to make a statement and your customers will think of you every day as they enjoy their tea. For special occasions, this box of 20 tea bags is the most premium of the collection (14 x 9 x 8.8cm).

Finally, discover the BAL (Boîte Aux Lettres) box, the brand’s best seller, which, thanks to its format, can be slipped directly into a letterbox. This allows you to save up to 60% on postage costs! Inside, you can slip between 3 and 7 bags. A real box, it is the preferred format for large-scale communications. The wow effect is there!

Recently, a new format has been developed: the infusion card. Composed of a card that you can personalize with your own design and a tea bag that can also be personalized, this is an ideal replacement for the traditional thank you or prospecting card. And something tells us that it will be a hit at the beginning of 2023 😉


Le Beau Thé, emotion to spread.


Watch the presentation video of Le Beau Thé at Premium Sourcing here.

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