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Dag Import, a company specializing in the manufacture and import of promotional products, is diversifying and now offers a range of advertising garments.

At the Premium Sourcing trade show, on September 7 & 8, 2022, Dag Import will present a preview of the Narvik brand. To discover at the Carrousel du Louvre stand G25: I order my badge

NarvikNarvik was designed to dress women and men who wanted to bring a touch of elegance to their work clothes. The brand’s ambition is to break the image of the advertising clothing by drawing its inspiration from the ready-to-wear. Thus, people who wear Narvik clothing as part of their job can keep their clothes after a workday. Narvik’s teams work on the cuts, the style, and the materials of the clothing so that the image of clothing illustrates both the company and the personality of the woman or man who wears it. And to go even further, like the Viking longships that still echo in Narvik, the brand has brought innovative branding solutions that allow the product to be both an advertising garment and a ready-to-wear product.

Image clothing designed for work and casual use

With a vocation for quality, character, and personality, the clothing range has a name that evokes this ambition with perfection. Narvik, a city in the north of Norway immediately generates the strength and protection required for clothing suitable for all circumstances. With the wide-open spaces, the great cold, and the Nordic landscapes, Narvik invites you to share this spirit of conquest. The ambition is to bring this Norwegian culture to the very heart of French know-how. More than a simple garment, Narvik appears in the street, is exported where it is not expected, Narvik federates. An opening to the world, to Europe. Clothes that mix know-how, and habits and that shake up our daily life. Narvik was designed to dress women and men who wanted to add a touch of elegance to their work clothes.

Narvik Among the brand’s products is the Premium Parka made of 100% polyester canvas with 100% polyester lining and padded hood. This water-repellent garment has two zippered pockets, a chest pocket with invisible closure, and an inside wallet pocket. For maximum protection from the cold and for more comfort, the sleeve cuffs are ribbed and the two-tone central closure has a double zip.

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