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Schneider Reco customizable ballpoint pen evolves


Reco stylo

The Reco ballpoint pen is expanding. It is now available in two new versions. In addition to the current “Basic” version, Schneider écris-le has added the “Line” version with a contrasting colour line on the barrel and the “Max” version with a larger clip. In addition, the company has provided a larger marking area on the body of the pens.

The Reco not only combines unique features such as the high quality of the materials used, innovative strength and a clear commitment to sustainability, but it also wins every possible and unimaginable award on the market: It was the first biros to be awarded the Blue Angel label, the world’s most renowned environmental award. For more than 40 years, the Blue Angel has been the eco-label of the German federal government. Independent and credible, it sets high standards for products. The label helps authorities, trade decision-makers, companies and private consumers to orient themselves in their sustainable purchases. In addition, it has received the PSI Sustainability Award for “Sustainable Product”, the PBS Report Green Award, the Promotional Gift Award 2021 and the German Design Award 2021.

Reco Stylo Schneider

The dynamic clean design combined with the satin surface creates a simple but elegant look. Thanks to the sophisticated “Mix & Match” principle, the different parts of the pen such as the tip, barrel, clip, top and push button can be assembled in many different colour combinations, allowing the product to be continuously adapted to the company’s colours. The interior is also remarkable. Not only is the body of the pen made of 92% environmentally and resource friendly plastic, but the body of the “Eco 725 M” large capacity refill also contains 95% recycled material. It is very easy to refill quickly and cleanly. A special feature for advertisers is that Schneider can print a Blue Angel-compliant pad print for an environmentally friendly advertising message. In addition, the ballpoint pen offers a large printing area in seven different positions.

The ink is available in black or blue. The inks are indelible according to ISO 12757-2. Thanks to its pleasantly smooth and even ink flow, the Reco guarantees clean writing.

You can find the Reco ballpoint pen at the Premium Sourcing trade show on 7 and 8 September, as well as the entire Schneider pen range. Write it down: I order my badge

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