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Maikii: 100% customisable merchandising

100% customisable merchandising: customisable corporate and promotional gadgets in the shape of… whatever you want!

Maikii has been present in the promotional market for over 10 years and specialises in the design and customisation of consumer electronics.

Its catalogue offers different categories of Tech products and accessories for smartphones: more than 40 types of USB flash drives, also available in version 3.0, with minimum orders starting at just 50 units,

50 models of Power Bank and wireless chargers with induction technology, audio products and accessories for smartphones, for travel, sports and leisure.

Each product can be customised in different colours with the printing of graphic details, company logos, accessories and packaging.

Maikii also manufactures 100% custom soft rubber gadgets, created to measure from a project, design or idea.

Rebranding is the process of strategically changing a brand image, the identity of a company’s brand.

It can consist of choosing a new name, logo, or communication strategy, with the intention of reshaping its identity and positioning it differently in the market.

The company’s logo is then used to create corporate gadgets that are distributed to customers and employees and on which the company’s elements are printed with the new brand image.

Maikii’s 100% personalised gadgets are simply perfect for work, as they can reproduce any three-dimensional shape and produce a customised promotional accessory, whatever the idea.

Try a personalised promotional product with Maikii, a project that really speaks for you!

The 100% personalised USB key

Among Maikii’s many personalised gadgets, the USB flash drive offers a wide range of possibilities.

Maikiidea’s customised USB flash drive designs are divided into 2D and 3D. The 2D designs have simple geometric shapes (with a square, rectangular or round base, etc.). The 3D designs have rounded shapes, from the simplest to the most complex, and a high degree of precision. For both, the cost varies according to the memory capacity of the key and the number of colours you wish to use: you can choose up to 5 colours (including the background colour).

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