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Clipper, distributor of the Walter Wallet

Based in the Netherlands, Clipper has its own print shop. Its aim is to make the world more fun, exciting and surprising by importing and distributing promotional products. The company imports, advises and communicates in a transparent, fair and sustainable way. Responsible and involved, it is committed to the planet by carefully thinking about its footprint and the impact it has. To offset its C02 footprint, the company has launched a project in Spain where it plants trees.

Clipper also applies this philosophy when selecting brands, which is why it chose to present the Dutch brand Walter Wallet.

What is the aim of the Walter Wallet brand? To improve your everyday wallet (and to make you look great using it).
The team started working on their ‘dream wallet’ project in 2014. It took them nearly two years of testing, testing and more testing – working their 3D printer overtime to create a billion versions with ever-lighter variations. Finally, after running out of friends to test the wallets on, the team decided to go for it and Walter Wallet was born.

Since then, the brand has created a whole bunch of wallets, a bamboo docking station, and continues its quest to bring you practical, affordable, and stylish wallets for everyday.

Walter Wallet has the perfect wallet for men and women who want to keep their cards close at hand. Look no further! With the expandable card holder from this Dutch brand, you’ll be ready much faster. The wallets offer space for 7 cards and are about 1.5 cm thick. So they fit perfectly into the current minimalist trend! Simply put the wallet in your trouser pocket, inside pocket or any other pocket – without it bulging!

Are you curious about the Walter Wallet collection? Visit the product range at Premium Sourcing on 7 and 8 September 2022: I order my badge


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