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Grow your brand with the planting kit by Idées Nature

Choosing the Idées Nature peat pot planting kit means choosing a product that is in tune with the times

In this product, assembled in Maine-et-Loire, Idées Nature offers several tree seeds to germinate such as: spruce, umbrella pine, Scots pine, banana tree, palm tree and others. One variety or a whole mix, it’s up to you! Once grown, these plants will contribute to an ecological balance.
Peat is an ideal substrate for the germination and growth of plants. This is why the kit consists of a peat pad, which is managed sustainably, that you simply need to rehydrate in order to sow the seed and a biodegradable pot, also made of peat, to be planted directly in the ground with the plant. This avoids the stress of transplanting the tree while nourishing it. Another advantage: unlike a plastic pot, no waste is generated!
Designed to be suitable for both beginners and more experienced green fingers, gardening becomes child’s play. To grow a tree successfully, all you need to do is provide a few things that are accessible to everyone: regular watering, light, attention and that’s it!
In order to make the kit as unique as your brand, the recyclable sleeve can be personalised as you wish. Lightweight, small and stackable, the kit is suitable for transport and distribution. It is therefore an excellent choice of promotional item to offer at internal or external events. By opting for the peat pot kit, you can be sure to leave a positive impression on your image.

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