The Advent Museum

You are invited to the opening of the most gourmet of museums! While waiting for Christmas, Le chocolat des français Advent Calendar celebrates the most iconic works of art, revisited with a chocolate sauce of course. On the programme, the inimitable Mona Lisa, Marcel Duchamp’s unexpected ready-made, or Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, this way to the visit!

Gift list, guest list, decoration list… you name it, it’s the final stretch of Christmas. So to cope with this unbearable wait, and turn it into your 24 new best days of the year, Le chocolat des Français opens its museum! An imaginary exhibition in an Advent calendar with milk and dark recipes, for the very first time entirely labelled organic. And always prepared with mega-crisp praline, intense chocolate 100% “pure cocoa butter”; all without palm oil. Sometimes melting, sometimes crunchy, but all delicious, presented in a very generous format. This is the resolutely artistic Advent calendar that is worth a visit!

Practical information
Certified organic
Net weight: 256g
Available from : 15 October 2021



Le chocolat des Français started with a simple idea: break the codes of chocolate by adding a good dose of creativity and humour! We offer incredible handmade, natural and 100% pure cocoa butter delicacies. All without palm oil or preservatives. Produced in the four corners of France by the cream of the crop of chocolate makers, we are taking the world of chocolate off the beaten track by combining high quality delicacies with unbridled creativity.
Our chocolates are greedy and generous but not only. Their boxes are illustrated and signed by hundreds of artists from the world of illustration, comics, design and painting. What a way to make the good rhyme with the beautiful!

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