textile en bouteilles plastique recyclées

Halfar® and James & Nicholson® create new ranges in recycled plastic bottles

Almost half of the world’s clothing is made from polyester and Greenpeace predicts that this amount will almost double by 2030. One of the main reasons for this is the athleisure trend: consumers are looking for more stretchy, technical and durable clothing suitable for sports and leisure.

textile bouteilles recyclées james&nicholson

By carefully recycling plastic, the James & Nicholson® brand aims to reduce high levels of plastic pollution and waste. This approach conserves resources, protects the environment and avoids waste. The concept inspired James & Nicholson® to create a new range of sportswear made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The brand uses cutting-edge technology to give new life to plastic waste by transforming it into functional and fashionable sportswear. These eco-friendly materials feature cutting-edge performance technology including moisture wicking, stretch and breathability, while being durable and comfortable to take training to the next level. Note that it takes 25 PET bottles to make one recycled polyester T-shirt.




From plastic bottles to bags: bag specialist Halfar®  is working towards a better future by designing eco-friendly and sustainable bags through

innovation, new materials and new methods. The 2021 collection focuses on the use of recycled plastic bottles. The material is called recycled PET, a synthetic plastic/polyester-based fibre that comes from plastic bottles. Once the fibre has been spun and woven, the surface of the fabric is brushed in a way that makes it look like a cotton canvas. But its properties are much better. As a synthetic fabric, rPET is much more durable and weather resistant (water repellent). It does not fade like cotton under UV light. It is also lighter than cotton. One of the highlights is the “EUROPE” range, the high-quality rPET series produced in Europe and available directly from stock. The range is stylish and trendy, yet durable and functional.

Meet the Halfar® and James & Nicholson® ranges on the Cybernecard stand on 1 and 2 September 2021 at the Carrousel du louvre: I order my badge 




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