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New products in promotional garment

A study carried out by the 2FPCO* shows that the French keep promotional garment in their wardrobe for up to 5 years. Often linked to an event, a group to which one belongs, or as corporate clothing, the relationship with promotional garment is very personal. It is therefore essential to choose quality above all. In this article we help you to make your choice with 3 new products from the brands James&Nicholson, Myrtle Beach and Roly.

Cybernecard is a company that needs no introduction. Distributor of numerous brands, discover below 2 new products from James&Nicholson (brand specialised in promotional clothing such as image and work wear) and Myrtle Beach (brand specialised in hats, caps and accessories)




Available in a range of seven colours, in sizes up to 3XL, the James & Nicholson hooded jacket (ref. JN1146) is an ideal garment for outdoor activities. Featuring Bionic-finish Eco softshell technology, which makes it water repellent to 1500mm, this very comfortable jacket has a soft structure that offers ease of movement. Breathable, thanks to its two-layer TPU membrane, this high-quality, lightweight softshell with YKK zippers is affordable.













This UPF50+ certified work cap from Myrtle Beach (ref. MB6235) offers maximum sun protection. Featuring a padded sweatband, reinforced front panels and a metal closure, this cap is a must-have for a day in the sun. With UPF50+ (durability and environmental impact) certification, the cap is even more effective than sunscreens. This is because garments classified by this standard offer the best protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, blocking over 98% of harmful UV rays.








Roly offers trendy, up-to-date and fashionable clothing. With its high quality collections, the brand offers a wide choice of colours and shapes to meet the needs of its customers.

The new Roly Eco collection offers clothing made from organic materials and recycled fibres, so that you can enjoy the outdoors in an eco-responsible way. Among the new items in the range are the Golden and Golden Woman models, two T-shirts made from 100% organic combed cotton.


* Source: CSA Research /2fcpo 2017 study: Perception of advertising objects by the French.

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