Green, High-tech, Object


Consumers are more and more attentive to the composition of the products they buy, their design and their carbon footprint. That’s why the trend is towards “green” products for promotional gifts, including in the high-tech world.



Mr Bio Speaker, a new eco-responsible speaker from Xoopar, will go everywhere with you and can be hung in many places, thanks to the magnets incorporated in its head and hands! A 3W wireless Bluetooth speaker, the Mr Bio Speaker has a range of 10 meters (with the possibility of benefiting from 360° stereo sound by pairing two models), is equipped with a selfie remote control to take your photos remotely, and offers a marking surface of 18 x 11 mm. And like all products in the Xoopar eco-collection, the Mr Bio Speaker is an eco-responsible product from head to toe: its face is made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET), its body is biodegradable, its arms are designed from eco-responsible cotton, and the finished product is delivered in FSC-certified paper packaging.

The Mr Bio released in September 2019 is the first eco-responsible and recyclable multi-connector charging cable. This Mr Bio cable is made of Tyvek, a material that biodegrades in 3 to 5 years in an industrial composter.
It is the flagship product of a complete eco-responsible high-tech collection composed of powerbanks, mice and charging cables proposed by Xoopar. The objective for the company is to offer useful advertising objects and not disposable goodies and to accompany the ecological transition while responding to a growing demand from consumers to buy better.
Xoopar is committed to using recyclable plastic and eco-friendly materials in the design of its products and to using paper and cardboard from ecologically managed forests for packaging (NFC standard).



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