pochette étui masques
Object, Well-being & safety

Personalised mask case pocket

Today the mask has become an indispensable part of everyone’s daily life. If everyone pays attention to wearing it well and changing it every 4 hours, it is often complicated to store it correctly between 2 uses. That’s why Auxence offers a pouch, ideal for carrying and storing masks.

This protects against dust and prevents contact with other objects. This pouch has 2 pockets, one in snow-coloured crystal PVC and the other in colourless crystal PVC.

Available in standard, recycled standard, plain eraser, fantasia, victoria, casablanca, velvet and varnish, it offers many possibilities. It can be personalised by hot stamping on the outside flap of the product.

Open format: 237 x 220 mm

Closed format: 128 x 220 mm

Auxence is proud to offer products 100% made in France that the company sells throughout Europe. The environmental footprint of production and delivery is much smaller than that of imported products.

The production of the masking cases preserves local employment.

Recycle them in the yellow bin and they can be used, for example, in a car dashboard. This “Made in France” is a guarantee of seriousness, optimised lead times and of course, quality. All materials are in full compliance with the European REACH regulation, which is the strictest in the world in this field.

PVC was invented at the end of the 1930s and has revolutionised many sectors, such as packaging, health, safety, construction… PVC is essentially composed of 2 raw materials: 44% salt and 46% oil and 10% plasticisers and colouring agents.

It is the ideal material to create a communication support as it offers multiple varieties of aspects, touch, gloss, transparency of thickness, and colours.


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