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Stay in touch, stay safe!

Discover the range of antibacterial pens made of post-consumer plastic treated with a biocide that proactively inhibits the growth of over 50 types of harmful bacteria on treated surfaces. Erga has chosen two of its best-selling models in optical white, e-Twenty and e-Venti, as standard models available from stock but you can request the antibacterial additive on any model and colour, minimum quantities vary depending on the model .

The antibacterial additive, tested according to ISO 22196, is incorporated into the pen material and is effective 24 hours a day for the life of the product as it remains in the element to which it is added and does not dissolve. In the commitment to respect for the environment, it is important to remember that the durability of objects is a very important aspect and that is why it is essential to buy quality objects. European production is a guarantee of commitment to respect safety rules for the wellbeing of workers, work ethics, as well as a guarantee of constant efforts in terms of optimising production procedures. All the components of Erga pens are made with high quality materials in compliance with EEC standards and are equipped with Dokumental inks that ensure smooth and flawless writing. It should also be considered that deliveries from Italy are made in just a few days all over Europe, also for products specially designed to measure.

And to complete the Communication 3.60 project, the 360° rotating prints made by the internal personalisation department before the pen is assembled. Erga’s constant research has led to the creation of exclusive three-dimensional prints: 3D Velvet, a velvety relief reproduction, 3D I-Light, a glossy thickness that can be felt to the touch. Combined with traditional printing techniques, multicolour silk screen printing and digital printing, you can achieve communication that exceeds expectations.

Erga offers you the experience and talent of its graphic designers for the preparation of virtual printing simulations to best meet any communication need.


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