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Ballpoint pen Take 4 Promo -The perfect 4 in 1 solution

Take 4 Promo is a sustainable all-rounder for planning, organising and structuring, and for creative expression – everything is possible with the new multi-coloured ballpoint pen.


The demand for a sustainable four-colour ballpoint pen on the market has become increasingly strong. Therefore, Schneider has worked on the perfect solution: a model that convinces with high writing quality, sustainability and an attractive design. The new Take 4 Promo from Schneider has managed to meet all these requirements.


The new multitasking talent is available in white, black or blue, each with a coloured intermediate piece (in white, yellow, red, green, black or blue) and offers a variety of printing areas [] for different logos – the front part, upper part and the intermediate piece can be printed. This pen can be printed using different printing methods. You decide which printing methods suit your ideas best! There are different printing techniques available. In digital printing even photo-realistic multiple colour prints a repossible. Photos and colour gradients can be depicted in outstanding quality. A special process even makes printing raised, tangible motifs possible.


Take 4 is equipped with a black, red, blue and green Refill, and all four writing colours are document-proof according to ISO 12757-2. With the help of the coloured push buttons at the end of the pen, you can easily and quickly switch between the colours while keeping an overview of everything. The Take 4 is not only an organisational aid in everyday life, but also convinces with its extraordinarily smooth, gliding writing experience thanks to the Viscoglide® technology.


Four times more sustainable:


Another highlight: The pen body of the Take 4 is manufactured in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner and is made of 92% recycled post-consumer plastic. The percentage of recycled material has been confirmed by an independent certification institute. The source of the raw material, and thus the 100% use of post-consumer recycling, has also been confirmed by the European certification company EuCertPlast. “The underlying aim of EuCertPlast is

encouraging an environmentally friendly plastics recycling process by standardizing it. The particular focus of the scheme is on the traceability of plastic materials in the supply chain, throughout the recycling process and the recycled content quality in the end-product.” (Source: )


The use of recycled material is indicated by a small embossing at the rear of the pen. In addition, the four-colour ballpoint pen is easily refillable with the Take 4 refills. This reduces waste and ensures a long service life.

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