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Baladéo, a brand specialized in nomadic products, will be presented again by the Coriolis company during this 10th edition of Premium Sourcing. We wanted to find out more from its sales director, Sébastien Garcia.

Introduce your company in a few words
Coriolis brings together several brands including Baladéo.

With Baladéo, we have been offering business gifts to retailers for almost 25 years, with nomadic items in stock.

Articles that we now mark internally at 90% in our workshops located in France.

Initially focused on cutlery, our offer has gradually diversified while preserving our DNA of nomadic products.

Today we offer more than 400 references with a large collection of accessories for meals away from home: the famous “nomadic meal”.

What are the strengths of your company?
One of our main strengths is to have developed the Baladéo brand very early on. Today, the brand is present in stores such as “Nature et Découvertes” or “Au Vieux Campeur”.

This presence in the traditional trade strongly reinforces the value of the gift made by the advertiser.

It is indeed necessary to know that a retailer buys our products with an average discount of 75% compared to the recommended public prices including all taxes.

Moreover, our willingness to offer products that are useful in everyday life and not gadgets is evident since the creation of the company.

A desire that takes on its full meaning today, in view of the strong ecological and sustainable considerations demanded by public opinion in general and by advertisers in particular.

Why is Baladéo exhibiting again at Premium Sourcing? Why is this exhibition important for you?
We are exhibiting at Premium Sourcing because it is the key event of the back-to-school season to relaunch the activity after the summer break.

This year’s event is even more essential with the crisis that the promotional items market is going through since the appearance of COVID and the containment implemented.

What are your key products and your 2020 novelties?
Our flagship products in 2020 are mainly those that are geared towards nomadic food, on which we pay particular attention to the presentation and materials used, whether on bentos, cutlery or bottles.

We are also extremely vigilant about the fact that we have the rigorous food tests mainly carried out in France in order to meet the requirements of our customers in advertising but also in traditional trade.

As I said earlier, these are all useful products for which demand has exploded in recent years, with the current health situation further increasing the desire of users to bring their own lunch to their workplace for example.

What is your vision of the market?
We have already seen a shift in the market from business gifts to useful products with more meaning; the COVID crisis has only accelerated this basic trend.

This market will probably not fully recover by the end of 2020. However, we believe that there will be great opportunities for companies offering reliable, sustainable and high value-added products.

Indeed, if certain budgets are cut or reduced, it is up to our distributors to convince advertisers to reallocate these budget lines as valuable gifts. I am thinking in particular of the planned but unspent budget lines related to events.

In conclusion, I am convinced that the alignment of manufacturers and brands between their products and their values, as well as the strong presence of our distributors in the field, will be key elements to quickly turn around the situation in our market.

Find Baladéo stand D20b during the next edition of the show on September 2nd and 3rd, 2020 at the Carrousel du Louvre. I order my badge


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