pâte à modeler carioca
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 This year, one of the historical Italian companies leader in the production of coloring, writing and drawing products, presents the new modeling paste: CARIOCA® MODELIGHT.

A new product that stimulates children’s creativity, allowing them to create and have fun with the whole family.

MODELIGHT is easily malleable, elastic and pleasant to the touch. It does not dirty the hands and has bright and easily mixed colors. It dries quickly in the air and once dry it remains light and without imperfections. It is also totally gluten free.

Available in single-color bags or in pots with multicolored brooms to create, guided by an illustrative sheet, your

own “model”. Thanks to the simplicity of the product, the minimum recommended age of use is from 36 months of age.

In CARIOCA® new managerial skills are combined with the productive tradition in the Made in Italy writing sector. Proposing, sending into production new ideas that transform new products to continue to innovate and maintain high expectations of their consumers. CARIOCA® aims to offer all parents a safe choice for their children, both from a technical and physical point of view and from the point of view of cognitive development. Every day, in our factories, a team of designers, chemists and artisans work together with passion to create simple but technologically advanced writing instruments, expression of the best Italian design. At CARIOCA® we produce tools to color, draw and build but above all to enhance children’s creativity.


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