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Capira protective visors

Capira, a young Polish company, offers a wide range of products for the office and writing such as UMA pens and multifunction cubes. The latter have a notepad, a pen holder and a smartphone holder at the same time.

Capira is also cosmetics: gels, balms and soaps in individual bottles…

To address the current situation and needs, the company now offers hygiene and antibacterial products as well as visors under the brand name The Alloy.

Protective visors

Visors limit the risk of virus infection. They can be used at work, when travelling, for basic necessities or during all daily activities. Consisting of a plastic shield to protect the face, they facilitate interpersonal contact during the pandemic. To support the Health Department, Capira is offering visors free of charge through company orders.

Each company that places an order for The Alloy visors helps those who are struggling with covid-19 on a daily basis: paramedics, doctors, nurses… For every 2000 pcs. order, Capira offers 100 visors to the Health Service.


CPC-010 Protective Visors

Mask size: 430 x 235 mm
Regulating strap: 680 x 30 mm
Material: plastic film 0.3 mm
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs

The possibility of logo branding.


CPC-011 protective visors

Mask size: 240 x 340 mm
Foam: 210 x 40 mm
Material: plastic film 0.5 mm
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs

The possibility of logo branding.

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