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By releasing the Mr Bio in September 2019, the first eco-friendly and recyclable multi-connector charging cable, Xoopar has met with great success.


Indeed, more than 60K units have been sold in less than 6 months.  This Mr Bio cable is made of Tyvek, a material biodegradable in 3 to 5 years in an industrial composter.

Strong of this success, Xoopar has decided to commit itself totally in its eco-responsible orientation in 2020. The goal: to embody the Green philosophy of the founders while responding to a strong consumer demand to buy better. The brand has therefore succeeded in integrating recyclable plastic and eco-friendly materials into its new collection. The result? An eco-funny range including a speaker, a powerbank, a mouse and charging cables, each greener than the next.

For example, the Mini Xboy Eco speaker has its head made from recycled plastic bottles and its shell incorporates 20% wheat fibre and a biodegradable additive for faster decomposition. If it is still complicated to go beyond this 20% of vegetable matter because the shell would then no longer be strong enough, Xoopar wants to reach 30% wheat fiber quickly. Xoopar has also taken care not to degrade the quality of its products: the Mini Xboy Eco therefore has the same characteristics as its predecessor.  At the end of its life, it will have to follow the classic path of electronic waste (WEEE): to be deposited in a waste center to be dismantled, recycled, and see its materials recovered. As the hull can be completely unclipped, it can be 100% recycled.

To complete this Green collection, the shells of the Powerpack Bio and the Pokket 2 Eco mouse are manufactured in the same way. Xoopar has succeeded in integrating 20% wheat fibres and a biodegradable additive for faster decomposition. It is therefore also possible to recycle them by following the same procedure as the Mini Xboy enclosure.

By reducing its collection, from 70 to 28 references, and by acting on its entire production chain (end of air transport, recyclable packaging, FSC paper, reduction of plastic …), Xoopar is definitely taking an eco-responsible turn over time.

To discover Xoopar’s entire eco-funny collection, visit their website or visit the next edition of the Premium Sourcing trade show.


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