Warning: fraudulent business solicitations

We were informed that some companies use the identity of 656 Editions or Premium Sourcing to get in touch with exhibitors. These companies are not at all connected to our events and we ask you to not pursue their solicitations.

We have identified the following companies:

  • Expo-Guide and International Fairs Directory send an email to update their online guide and ask to complete and correct a descriptive of your company. Actually this is a purchase order. Returning it involves a billing of 1,271€See an example of email received by a CTCO exhibitor.
  • The Informations Entreprise magazine bills emailings and advertising insertions by pretending to be partner of Premium Sourcing. This magazine is not at all partner of our event.
  • A non-identified company contacts our exhibitors by phone to propose a reservation of hotel rooms during the Premium Sourcing trade show.
  • Various requests from companies offering the exhibition file for sale. We have been informed of emails from contacts such as: Albert Brennan (, Emily Coleman (emily@umaxmedia), Jennifer Edwards (,  Minka Kelly (, Isabella eve ( or Adams (, Melissa Antoine( Bella Joshua (, Anderson Brown, Nora Smith (, Mary Smith (, Amaya Lopez (, kelly sawyer (, James Williams (, Bella Johnson ( )
  • B2Bcontactlist (email from Techinfo Connects or Visitorlist sell our visitors email addresses. Theses companies don’t have our database.

We are currently undergoing procedures in order to end this. If you have been contacted by another company for a solicitation that seems to be fraudulent or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (

Restaurant Reservations plugin required.