2023 Conferences

Attend conferences and round tables directly linked to the latest market news and industry issues. Take part in the various meetings hosted by our experts, to anticipate trends and stay one step ahead.

On the programme: 2FPCO’s CSR tools, new opportunities in workwear, artificial intelligence for gift and garment industry, SEO as a tool for local customer acquisition, the new sustainability of high-tech products, and brand law for sporting events.


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The French federation for promotional gift and garment professionals.

The mission of the federation (2FPCO) is to professionalise, represent, defend and promote the promotional gift and garment sector in general and the professional interests of its members in particular.

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European Sourcing is a European service platform  dedicated to distributors of promotional gifts, promotional  garment and business gifts. (Sourcing platform, catalogue  generator, website generator, newsletter generator,  customer relations tools, training on social networks…)




C!mag est le magazine de l’objet publicitaire, du textile promotionnel et des techniques de personnalisation. Diffusé à 2500 exemplaires, le trimestriel est la revue de référence de notre industrie en France. C!mag, c’est également un site internet qui publie régulièrement les dernières informations du marché, ainsi qu’une newsletter mensuelle.


Wednesday 6th September
Thursday 7th September
Wednesday 6th September - 11:00

From the eco-score to the guide to responsible gifts for events, not forgetting the many projects in progress, come and discover all the new CSR tools made available to you by the Federation’s Responsible Commission.


Alex Lawson
Dirigeant de Cybernecard // Managing director at Cybernecard
Cécile Fougerouse
co-fondatrice de la société Dream Act Pro / co-founder of Dream Act Pro
Max Lebon
Directeur Commercial chez CitizenGreen // Sales Manager at CitizenGreen
Tony Joyeau
Dirigeant de Kelcom // Managing Director at Kelcom
Wednesday 6th September - 14:00
ROUND TABLE – Workwear: an industry in the throes of change

While workwear experienced sustained growth during the health crisis, it has continued to expand since then. This economic dynamism can be explained by the changes that have taken place in recent years. With a focus on comfort and aesthetics, growing CSR involvement, premium customisation and the opening up of distribution channels, the world of workwear is changing in every way. This opens up a host of business opportunities for all players in the textile market.


Bertrand Genevi
Rédacteur en chef C!mag // Editor-in-Chief C!mag
Christophe Lardy
Dirigeant de New Wave France // Managing Director at New Wave France
Thierry Pique
Dirigeant de NewCom et Colbleu // Managing Director at NewCom & Colbleu
Xavier Andiole
Dirigeant de MTS Sérigraphie // Managing Director at MTS Sérigraphie
Wednesday 6th September - 15:30
CONFERENCE – Artificial intelligence, a useful everyday tool

Are you a media object retailer or supplier looking for innovative solutions to improve your day-to-day business? Artificial intelligence (AI) now offers a range of tools such as ChatGPT, Rytr and many others that can revolutionise the way you work. At this conference, you’ll find out how you can use AI to write powerful product sheets, provide fast and accurate translations, optimise your Google keywords, and much more.


Gael Rolland
Responsable marketing à European Sourcing // Marketing manager at European Sourcing
Thursday 7th September - 11:00
CONFERENCE – How to attract local customers through SEO

At this conference, you will learn about specific strategies and techniques for boosting your local visibility on Google and attracting qualified customers from your region. Strategic issues such as the importance of relevant keyword research, optimising Google My Business listings, managing customer reviews and creating localised content will be discussed.

Gael Rolland
Responsable marketing à European Sourcing // Marketing manager at European Sourcing
Thursday 7th September - 14:00
ROUND TABLE – High-tech and CSR: a possible idyll?

A must-have for business gifts, but sometimes criticised for their environmental impact, high-tech products have undoubtedly become more responsible in recent months. From products for the home to sports accessories, specialist suppliers are offering ever greener products. Whether it’s working on product design, using recycled materials or relocating production, more and more efforts are being made in the high-tech sector to keep up with the underlying trend towards greater CSR in promotional gifts market.


Bertrand Genevi
Rédacteur en chef C!mag // Editor-in-Chief C!mag
Perrine Beauvais
Directrice commerciale et communication chez Akashi Gift // Sales & Communication Manager at Akashi Gift
Patrice Delavau
Responsable commercial BtoB France chez XD Connects // Sales manager BtoB France at XD Connects
Stanislas Confavreux
Dirigeant de SCX Design // Managing Director at SCX Design
Thursday 7th September - 15:00
CONFERENCE – Sports events and promotional gifts: what about trademark law?

With the Rugby World Cup kicking off in just a few days’ time and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in the offing, France will be hosting two major sporting events in less than twelve months. This is an unprecedented context, creating opportunities for the promotional gift and garment market, but one that must also be approached with caution. An overview of the rights applicable to sporting events and good practice, with a lawyer and partner of the 2FPCO.

Loullig Bretel
Avocat Associé au Cabinet Racine // Associate Lawyer at Cabinet Racine
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