FAQ Covid-19

What is the current legislation for trade fairs?
Is Premium Sourcing impacted?

On August 11, the government announced the extension until October 30 of the ban on events involving more than 5,000 people.

Gathering an average of 2,000 visitors each year (2,067 visitors in 2019), Premium Sourcing remains an event on a human scale, thus promoting the implementation of health measures to guarantee the safety of all.


Have the exhibition facilities been established?

In addition to the sanitary measures, a set of amenities has been put in place at the trade show to ensure the safety of all and improve the visitor experience.

Enlarged aisles

The surface area of the aisles has been doubled. They are now 2.50 metres wide, which is the average width of CTCO’s aisles.

Larger restaurant and adjacent room

This year, the restaurant will be in a neighbouring room. The tables (for 2 people) will be positioned at 1 meter from each other. The restaurant will also serve as a Business Lounge to enhance your meeting experience.

A larger surface area

The show’s overall surface area will increase by 50% for the same number of exhibitors as in 2019.

Installation of a double entrance

A very wide double entrance to facilitate circulation in both directions (entry and exit)

What health measures will be put in place?

Concrete sanitary measures are being put in place:

  • The distribution of masks
  • The distribution of hydroalcoholic gel at the inlet and the outlet
  • Ground markings to ensure compliance with regulatory distances
  • Regular and thorough cleaning of the exhibition grounds
  • The reminder of barrier gestures

Can samples be presented and touched?

Product samples can be presented to visitors. Make sure to respect the barrier gestures: keep your distance, do not touch your face, use a hydroalcoholic solution.

How many people can be present per stand?

At present, Unimev (the professional association dedicated to the event industry) and the government have not made a precise decision on the subject. The number of people present simultaneously per stand depends on the exhibitors. It is their responsibility.

Can I distribute my catalogue?

To avoid the risk of contamination, it is recommended to avoid self-service. We invite you to carry out a distribution per visitor or to prepare a tote bag pre-filled with your catalogue, flyer and/or sample.

Will attendance be good despite covid-19?

Visitors are mainly French and based in the Ile de France region.

In 2019, of the 2,000 visitors present, 93% were French, 62% of whom came from the Ile-de-France and neighbouring departments. Visitors will therefore be able to get around thanks to the public transport system that is back in use (RATP/SNCF…).

Loyal visitors

Each year, the event brings together a community of loyal visitors who rely on the event to launch their year-end business -> 58% of loyal visitors from one year to the next.



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