Top Eco-Friendly Promotional Christmas Gifts That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Custom socks with seasonal motifs and your company’s logo

They are always in order as they are super practical, incredibly comfortable and stand out with fun designs. Not to mention, they are budget-friendly and can boost your brand awareness even further. And what is even better – you can choose a truly green promotional product or company gift. That would help leave a better environmental footprint and boost your sustainable efforts if that value is imprinted in your business DNA. Kingly helps you to choose the right carbon-neutral corporate gifts by putting the spotlight on the benefits of each of our green promotional gifts. Our company’s custom-made promotional products are third-party validated through BCome’s Cradle to Grate sustainability platform. It empowers textile and apparel businesses like us to build responsible supply chains, guarantee transparency and bring it to the final customer.


This year, the manufacturer is creating a brand-new customer experience by adding some “Sparkle” and “Shine” to the sock knitting equation. With  a metallic yarn called Lurex that makes any Christmas ornament on our Classic Crew Socks sparkle. And a neon yarn, that creates the shine element on every snowflake or bell on your Classic Crew Thermal Socks. These types of socks can be created with conventional cotton from ethical producers within the European Union, high-quality reprocessed cotton that saves water, and electricity, reduces carbon emissions and landfill space, and chemical-free, sustainably produced and processed organic cotton, accredited to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


Euro Cotton Socks 

Have you ever wondered if the personalized product you choose is truly sustainable? Or have you ever struggled to find new ways to boost morale in your firm? Socks created with Euro cotton and jaw-dropping designs might be just the solution for you. Imagine organizing a Christmas party for your employees. You will have the perfect opportunity to impress them by customizing promotional socks with your company’s logo, mascot or message. Kinglys guarantees you that the cotton comes from responsible and OECO TEX-certified distributors within the European Union. Furthermore, the brand possesses all the necessary accreditations, and their sustainability report is available for review: here.



Upcycled Cotton Socks

Upcycled Cotton provides significant savings in water and energy and reduces carbon emissions and landfill space. Upcycled yarn is derived from used clothing and pattern-cutting scraps from garment production. The upcycling process is mechanical, so no water, dyes or chemicals are used and the production process has extremely low CO2 emissions – the factory is 50% solar power. There is a huge difference between upcycling and recycling, as the latter still requires water, dyes and chemicals. It is better than discarding the goods, but it is not yet as environmentally friendly as upcycling.

Kingly wants to empower its clients to visualize the amount of preserved water and energy, as well as the reduction of landfill space and carbon emissions. This is possible because of the sustainability calculator. Last year, the brand helped its clients to save an astonishing 34 537 442 litres of water and 128 908 kw/h of energy. The carbon emissions have been minimized with 52 886 kg and 5833 m² prevented from turning into landfill. These socks have been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2020. Learn more about last year’s preserved resources here and about BCome.’s sustainability report here.


GOTS Organic Cotton Socks

Kingly’s GOTS organic cotton socks have been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2022. Spun with care and comfort, they are kind to the skin and so much gentler on the planet. No chemical pesticides, genetically modified seeds, or artificial fertilizers have been used in the cultivation of cotton. And, the production of GOTS-certified socks promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles.  Kingly’s GOTS organic cotton socks have received an “Honours score” on BCome’s sustainability platform. Read the full report on a pair of socks and find out more about our best practices when it comes to water consumption and minimizing carbon emissions. You will also find information about the total amount of km these products travel until it gets to the final customer. You will discover how many people are involved in the process of creating these GOTS socks.

Despite the yarn that is used in the sock knitting process, all these types of socks can be created in two styles that are always favoured around the most festive season – Classic Crew Socks (Ref. No KS04) and Classic Crew Thermal Socks (Ref. No KS11). Crew Socks are the most popular sock on the planet which accounts for 65% of all Kingly’s sales. Designed to help keep feet warm on cold days, the Thermal Socks have a full terry lining for added insulation. Add seasonal designs in your choice of colours and you’re on to a winter winner.


Compressed T-shirts

Have you thought of customizing your promotional T-shirts in a compact share that represents your brand identity best? T-shirts are some of the most popular promotional merchandise items. And because T-shirts from Kingly are well made, their promotional value lasts for years. You can now customize your merchandise in a compact share representing your best brand identity. If you choose GOTS organic cotton merchandise, you can also benefit from creating fascinating designs with Direct-to-garment printing with sustainable inks. The embroidery experts can also create miracles when it comes to creating your logo and communicating your company’s message. Read the full report on this product here.


Why you should choose Kingly?

Kingly is one of Europe’s leading producers of sustainable socks, compact promotional textiles, and custom knitwear. The brand is a globally GOTS-certified sock knitting company and specializes in enhancing their clients’ brand visibility with environmentally-friendly custom sock gifts that provide added value and leave a long-lasting impression. Through the use of a sustainability calculator, they empower businesses to visualize the amount of water and energy they have conserved, along with the reduction in carbon emissions and landfills resulting from each of their orders. The anti-greenwashing validation system ensures that their products are genuinely eco-friendly and rooted in socially responsible and ethical employment practices – encompassing fair wages, health and safety standards in production, and responsible supply chains.


The brand has established the world’s inaugural zero-waste sock knitting facility situated in the heart of Europe. Building upon the remarkable triumph of their award-winning green socks, Kingly has introduced a comprehensive service for crafting customized garments using eco-friendly fabrics and GOTS-certified inks. Kingly places primary emphasis on swift order fulfillment, encompassing design assistance, efficient production, and punctual delivery. Through the utilization of video, the brand effectively communicates order statuses to their customers.






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