Starter pack for a day at the beach  🏖

Summer is finally coming, and what’s better than spending a splendid day at the beach? To be well-prepared and organized, Maikii presents the Summer Starter Pack, a mix of essential products that will accompany you to the beach.


To start the day off right, a walk or run along the seaside is rejuvenating. The ERA smartwatch will become your indispensable ally for monitoring various physical activities and keeping track of your heart rate. Additionally, with its notification features, you won’t have to worry about always having your phone in hand.


Time flies and hydration is essential while sunbathing. The FRESH digital stainless steel water bottle, with its internal sterilization system that uses UV rays to eliminate most viruses and bacteria, is perfect for keeping water or refreshing drinks throughout the day. Furthermore, its ergonomic design makes it convenient to fit in a backpack or beach bag.


To immerse yourself even more in the summer mood and indulge in some relaxation, the SWAG wireless earphones are ideal for listening to music or your favorite podcasts while enjoying the sun and the sea. Moreover, keeping all your devices charged won’t be a problem anymore, thanks to the TICKET 3 in 1 power bank, which is ultra-slim and portable, allowing you to take it anywhere.


Lastly, the sunset vibes and the aperitif hour under the beach umbrella are calling. The DRY speaker, easily connectable to your smartphone, becomes indispensable for enjoying these moments with the right rhythm, making them unforgettable memories.


Each product in this starter pack has been designed to offer a unique experience, combining functionality and style. And the good news is that you don’t have to wait to enjoy summer because all these promotional items are available for immediate delivery on the maikii’s website


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