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Printer and manufacturer, 12M proposes a complete range of promotional articles


Among the wide range of the manufacturer 12M‘s products, decidedly eco-friendly mug coasters deserve attention.

Laser engraved cork cup pads

Cup pads with the laser engraving are the first proposition. Any text, logo and design can be engraved. The laser engraving permits to create unique products.


Imprinted cork cup pads

Cork cup pads can be made with UV imprint on one or two sides. UV printing is currently one of the most modern techniques used in digital printing. In addition, it allows you to print with white color, thanks to which the actual print will be more expressive and the colors will be more vivid.


Coasters made of plywood with an imprint or laser engraving

Coasters can be also made of plywood 3mm with an imprint or laser engraving. This material permits likewise to produce a cup pad like the set of puzzles.



12m produce also cup pads made of carboard absorbing water. They can be made with an imprint or laser engraving. This is the  perfect product for the summer gardens, fan zones and ideal for brewing campaigns. They can be additionally refined with hot-stamping.


For all kind of our cup pads 12M offers the possibility of packing in various types of sets. Different kinds of paper boxes are available. Usually, cup pads are packed in sets of 6 pieces. Boxes can be composed of 1 piece and opened from one side. The second kind of box is a two-piece box composed of top and bottom. We have also in our offer boxes designed for 3 pieces and with a special hole in the front showing the box’s content. All boxes can be with or without imprints and made of white or brown cardboard.

Cup coasters are an ideal advertising gadget because they are relatively cheap and small. This is also a good idea for the gift, especially when they are delivered as sets in boxes.

In addition to the above-mentioned coasters, 12m also offers classic coasters with a cork, cardboard or magnet on the bottom. They can also be made of PP foil like breakfast mats with cork or foam on the bottom or made of acrylic glass.

Production with an individual print or engraving even from a few pieces.


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