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Sweet advertising gifts – through emotions to the customer’s heart

Premiere of SLODKIE products at Premium Sourcing Paris.


Nowadays, the choice of advertising gadgets makes marketers dizzy. So what to choose, from this number of proposals and why is it worth choosing sweet advertising gifts? At least, for several reasons. Foremost, this category offers an expansive range of products. Currently, the offer of advertising sweets includes chocolates, pralines, truffles, cookies, candies, lollipops, dragées, pastilles, chewing gums and many other interesting products. Thanks to this, you can easily match the right product to your budget, both in relation to the unit price of the gift and the budget dedicated to the entire campaign.


Another argument in favor of advertising sweets is the enormous flexibility regarding the target group. The choice of this category of advertising gifts will allow you to reach different groups of customers regardless of gender, age range, industry and people occupying various positions in their organizations.

Sweet gifts are also a multitude of occasions and applications from a marketer’s perspective. Potential recipients can be both customers and employees. These products are perfect as Christmas gifts or gifts related to company anniversaries. They are often used as support for traditional activities for sales departments, or they can be traditionally used at trade fairs as a treat at the stand.

So, how to find yourself in this thicket of sweet suggestions? Preferably with the support of the leader in the advertising sweets industry.

Therefore, meet SLODKIE!


logo chocolate SLODKIE is a producer of advertising sweets, which has been creating personalized and highest quality gifts for over 26 years.

Their Chocolate and Caramel Shop creates the widest offer of advertising sweets in Europe! The manufacturer has more than 600 products, ranging from chocolates and cookies, through candies, lollipops, chewing gums to elegant pralines and truffles.

Products are home made and valued by global brands from various industries and successfully participate in campaigns all over the Europe.

Chocolates are produced in cooperation with Barry Callebaut FINEST BELGIAN CHOCOLATE, thanks to which products are characterized not only by excellent taste and composition but also by the highest quality. Caramel products are a full craft production without the addition of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. All the production is made after the order by the customer. This ensures you to get the freshest product with the longest possible shelf life.

And most importantly, Slodkie has not only production lines for sweets, but also our own printing houses (digital, UV digital, flexo, food digital), confectionery machine park, graphic design studio and a 3D modeling studio. Thanks to this, the manufacturer provides you with a comprehensive service.

And what will be the hit of the advertising sweets industry in 2023?

Definitely bespoke chocolates with double personalization both on the packaging and on the chocolate.



Check product Choco4Mat!


Choco4Mat is a unique proposition in the market of advertising sweets. Slodkie can create any shape from Belgian top gourmet chocolate, and then emboss or print your logo on it. Especially for you! You can also choose one of our ready-made shapes and personalize it with your logo or graphic design. Now you can also print your design.  If you are also a fan of individual solutions, you will be delighted with our LOGO PRINT collection.

Personalization on chocolate is made with edible products and completely safe food coloring inks from certified suppliers. The company uses food coloring inks without ingredients of animal origin, GMO FREchocolat4mat E, with the highest safety certificate for pharmaceutical and food use.

Their asset is a thin, imperceptible layer of decoration that creates a clear picture, colorful graphics, logo or name of your company on the chocolate.



All sweets are produced in the spirit of a healthy, ecological approach. As a result, all ingredients in chocolates, pralines and their fillings come from 100% sustainable sources. For slightly more demanding lovers of sweets, Slodkie offers 100% plant-based NXT generation chocolate, free of allergens and trace amounts of dairy. You will not find palm oil in any of our products. SLODKIE believes in the “less is more” rule, which is why most of our products are characterized by a short composition, no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.


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Discover more about Slodkie’s sweet gadgets for 2023 (and above all, try them) at Premium Sourcing on booth F04!

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