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The 100% personalised scented candle, a must for the end of year celebrations!

The scented candle is a very modern decorative element and is THE essential gift to offer to your employees and/or clients at the end of the year.


From 250 pieces, your client can choose the colour of the glass, the finish and the decoration – label or silk-screen printing – as well as the packaging.
The candle will be created according to his identity with his logo or visual, allowing to communicate with elegance and to offer a gift that will not be thrown away.

Your client can choose a perfume that resembles him from our range of products from Grasse.

It can be woody or fruity but can also choose a scent adapted to the end of year celebrations such as Pain d’Epice, Champagne, or Feu de Bois.

Not only is the candle an elegant, high-end gift, which has a lasting impact on the recipient’s environment, but it is also eco-responsible!

The wax is 100% vegetable and biodegradable allowing an excellent diffusion of the perfume as well as hot as cold.

As for the wicks, their lead-free cotton braiding means that they do not give off soot.

As you can see, giving a 100% personalised scented candle as a Christmas gift is always a good choice.

Not only does it give a welcoming look to a room, but it also creates a warm and cocooning atmosphere and soothes the people who watch it burn.



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Fully customizable from 250 pieces, all our scents are also available. Think of making boxes by mixing products!

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