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Boracay unveils Clipmatic and its alternatives to made in China

Boracay  now offers a multitude of small media objects, for young and old, and in a budget rarely exceeding 2€.

Alternatives to Made in China

The trend is towards short circuits, so Boracay is becoming multi-sourced. If most of the volume is still made in China (in ultra-clean, standardized, modern, audited and labeled factories), its volume of orders made in Europe is growing. The company offers a real European alternative. It now buys in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, but also in France!

This allows the company to offer the same product at the same price in France, Europe or China, and the customer chooses according to his deadline, his budget and his convictions!

Depending on the product, the quantity, the deadline and the budget, Boracay is able to give the best source.

-> For a zamac key ring for example, there are alternatives in Hungary, Spain and Turkey, but China remains the best compromise, they have the historical know-how on this range, so it is difficult to do better, even in terms of eco-responsibility where they are at the forefront.

-> For a badge or magnet, for small quantities, there is no need to go to China. France and Europe offer great alternatives.

-> For a terry towel, Boracay turns mainly to Portugal or Turkey.

-> Eastern European countries are specialists in sublimation printing, such as lanyards and microfiber wipes.

The important thing is to find the best know-how, wherever it is, and to opt for a clean, efficient factory that offers good value for money. Short distance does not necessarily mean a clean factory or a low carbon footprint. It is possible to source from China and have a lower carbon footprint than a European product, even with transport, as is the case with zamac for example.

Boracay is becoming a true expert in sourcing, combining eco-responsibility, price, lead time and service.

Focus on the Clipmatic: a new product made in France

ClipmaticIn 2022, Boracay presents its new product Made In France: the Clipmatic. This small object is a key ring with a token made of recycled polypropylene. Dyed in black, with a pure and sober design, this product is still very useful. It is possible to change the colour but in this case it will be non-recycled polypropylene.  Its personalisation by digital printing is also made in France. And to go further, it is possible to add a cardboard presentation from 5 000 pieces (80x40mm – 380grs – Quadri Recto verso). Boracay currently has 20,000 pieces in stock, so allow 15 days to 3 weeks for delivery. Beyond that, please allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Discover the Clipmatic at Premium Sourcing on September 7 and 8, 2022 as well as all the other small media objects offered by Boracay: I order my badge


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