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Citizen green by bewear engages with eco-responsible novelties made in Europe

Citizen Green by Bewear, a company specialising in sustainable development through eco-designed objects belonging to the Boomerang group, is pursuing its commitments

Greater agility, shorter supply cycles for faster deliveries, greater reactivity and above all even more eco-responsible new products.

Production in Europe and France

The end of the year can still be tailored to the French and European factories. Despite the shortage of raw materials during a complicated first half of the year, and even if the unit cost of production often remains higher than in Asia, there is still time to design original, fun and useful products for the end of the year, by choosing to place orders in September and October 2022. Among its made in Europe offers, Citizen Green by Beawear proposes a range of candles and a range of porcelain.

New ecological products

The Boomerang group, which will be present at Premium Sourcing on 7 and 8 September, will present its new made-to-measure Europe catalogue. A concentrate of new products, exclusive models that meet the expectations of users both in terms of utility and the fight against global warming. Indeed, the group favours geographical proximity to considerably reduce greenhouse gases (such as CO2) and uses mainly recyclable materials.

Discover products that are useful in everyday life and more sustainable

MUGME® has created a range of containers that are essential for teleworking meals, for example.

Bo.Bottle®, which accompanies all thirsts and all events, is expanding with a very wide range in 100% recyclable PE.

BO.bags® plays the same serenade with a collection that is growing and now works in several European countries, including France.

Finally, Le Vestiaire by CG has some surprises in store for visitors of Premium Sourcing 2022.

To discover all these novelties, come to the Carrousel du Louvre on September 7 and 8, 2022: Order my badge

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