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Waterdrop introduces microdrinks and customizable water bottles

waterdrop is a company that aims to help people drink more water and do so in a more environmentally responsible way. This is made possible by effervescent water flavouring tablets (called Microdrinks) that are made from fruit and plant extracts. These are natural, sugar-free, with added vitamins. Thus users are led to consume decentralised water,  either tap water or water from a filtration system. The aim is also to limit the consumption of plastic bottles.

Microdrinks, the result of several years of R&D

The effervescent tablets are gluten-free, vegan, made with natural colourings, natural plant extracts and vitamins. They exist for cold drinks as well as for hot drinks (microteas). This product is a substitute for flavoured drinks and sodas that offers both less sugar and reduced plastic consumption. The packaging for microdrinks can be customised with the company’s colours.

Glass and stainless steel bottles

The bottles are made in Europe and can be personalised with a logo or for a special occasion.

Personalised gift boxes: an ideal offer for companies 

Composed of a personalised bottle with a range of microdrinks and/or microtea, the boxes can be adapted according to demand. Very popular, these boxes allow you to discover the whole waterdrop offer and are very much appreciated in company break rooms.

Additional services

waterdrop supports its customers. This includes advice on how best to meet the needs of companies, but also the marking of the products, which is directly integrated, and delivery (also available directly).

waterdrop, with its products, addresses all advertisers with products that carry 2 strong messages: well-being by encouraging people to consume more water and eco-responsibility by limiting the consumption of plastic bottles.

Want to know more about waterdrop?

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