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Maintaining positive, pleasant and satisfying relationships with your customers is the key to good working conditions and nothing expresses gratitude better than an exceptional gift.

Trendfactory offers Rituals products and in particular the gift sets, an ideal business gift for the end of the year! Beautifully packaged and ready to give, the gift sets are always a hit.

Rituals are everywhere, every day, every time, waiting to be discovered, eager to share the beauty they contain. It’s those seemingly unimportant routines that we all tend to ignore. Rituals transforms these routines and reminds you to enjoy them with joy. Rituals helps you find happiness in the little things in life.

Inspired by ancient Asian wisdom and traditions, the brand has created a comprehensive collection of refined home and body products at affordable prices. It offers exclusive fragrances developed and carefully composed by the world’s best perfumers.

The brand strives for environmental improvements that contribute to a sustainable future and lead to social and economic change in the world around us. This mission is its primary concern, it is a long-term effort, and it strives to improve every day thanks to the three pillars of its environmental charter: health (reliable, quality products carefully formulated from natural ingredients), environment (choosing sustainability for packaging and activity at every stage of manufacturing) and solidarity (supporting and developing programmes to foster a meaningful society).

Trendfactory BV is the exclusive supplier of Rituals for top segment B2B retailers in the field of loyalty and corporate gifts.

Beautiful products to reward great performance, that’s what the market is looking for and that’s why Rituals had to be there. Trendfactory will be present at Premium Sourcing on September 1 and 2, 2021 to meet professionals and inspire them with innovative and meaningful endowment ideas.

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