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Big changes come from small daily gestures!

Choose long-lasting options that reflect a sustainable lifestyle for your daily basis and your brand.

In our Hidea collection, Stricker stand out for a selection of products that respect the environment and that can be used several times in different contexts, thus avoiding mass consumption.

The decisions we make today are fundamental in making the world a more sustainable and caring place.

In this sense, we would like to highlight our 2 ECO-friendly products: ECUADOR 250 (94766) and ECUADOR 350 (94767).

Both are travel glasses and both are versatile and 100% reusable cups: perfect for taking your hot and / or cold drinks with you at all moments of your day.

Both have a bamboo lid with silicone that gives them better insulation from liquids inside and allow easier transport.

Another of its greatest advantages is the fact that you can put it in the dishwasher.

You can take them to the microwave when the lid is removed. Their versatility allows that when used without a lid, they can serve as cups to have on the desk for example.

For more complete options, you can always opt for our MACHIATO product – one set of two glass cups, unique and full of personality.

This product consists of a set of two glasses of 350 ml each. These are two isothermal glass cups with a customizable double-body.

Its material allows a greater resistance when compared to a reusable product made of another material. It is also supplied in a customizable box.

This is a practical solution that contributes to reducing the impacts of pollution on the environment. Swap disposable options for reusable and long-lasting options.

Last but not least, we would like to highlight our product LUNKINA – 94768 – a glass mug with capacity up to 390 ml. A choice that contributes in a tangible and immediate way to being green.


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