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Colourful recycled paper gift bags by Midocean

For more than 50 years, Midocean has been one of the leading wholesalers in the European market for premiums, promotional products, textiles and business gifts.

The Dutch company contributes to the awareness of brands and companies by delivering personalised gifts in the fastest and most sustainable way. In doing so, Midocean aims to innovate in the promotional products industry.

Bags, caps, keyrings, pins, lanyards, stationery, phone accessories, towels, umbrellas, powerbanks, USB sticks, … Midocean’s catalogue includes a multitude of products offering a wide choice to businesses.

Recycled paper gift bags

Amongst its products, the company offers a product that is both ecological and practical and that offers good visibility to brands: recycled paper gift bags.

These colourful paper gift bags are made from 70% recycled paper and are a great way to promote a brand. When you receive a gift, the first thing you see is the packaging, so it’s a great logo placement for a company or special message. Several sizes are available in different colours (black, blue, red, white, green, beige). Discover the full range by clicking here 


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