stylo papier éco-responsable plum'art
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Impact Emotion launches Plum’Art, the eco-responsible paper pen

Since 2009, Impact Emotion is specialized in the development of custom-made promotional gifts.

Whether they are gifts for resale or for brand promotion, the company develops new concepts every day, sources of innovative and creative ideas for all projects. It is a small structure, close to its customers, reactive and responsible, with the ambition to bring a differentiating offer.

Involved in every stage of manufacturing, from design to production, including prototyping, the team plays an important role as a prime contractor in the development of articles.

Creative and passionate about product innovation, Impact Emotion reinvents itself every day in order to reconcile eco-responsibility of its offer and proximity to its manufacturing partners.

Impact Emotion is proud to present you its latest realization of French manufacturing. A creative and elegant office object, the PLUM’ART ballpoint pen is handcrafted in creative paper and offers a unique personalization of your decorations by 360 degrees printing games.

Totally devoid of plastic, this ecological advertising pen is sublimated and sealed by a metal medallion, personalized with the companies logo.

Both sturdy and light, its slender ergonomics offer a very pleasant writing experience. This pen is equipped with a golden brass lead, and allows a writing autonomy of about 2500 meters. The personalized paper pen is an original promotional gift with a reduced budget, an attractive and innovative gift for all companies and their events.

Let yourself be seduced by this beautiful “goodies”, useful and responsible, which is a relevant gift, especially at the end of the year, to write a new story…

This exclusive concept is the subject of a brand and model registration. The minimum order for a custom-made production is 500 pieces.


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