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The French Federation of Professionals in Communication by Gifts

Its aims are the professionalization, representation, defense and  promotion of the promotional gifts sector and the professional  interests of its members.






 European SourcingLogo European Sourcing

European Sourcing is a European service platform  dedicated to distributors of promotional gifts, promotional  garment and business gifts. (Sourcing platform, catalogue  generator, website generator, newsletter generator,  customer relations tools, training on social networks…)





Trophéa is a communication and event management agency in Strasbourg. Communication (website creation, communication supports, editorial content, social networks animation,…), event management (team building, shows and parties, roadshow, open doors, …) and virtual tours are the 3 pillars of this agency with innovative ideas.


Le programme de conférences 2021 est en cours de construction| The 2021 conference program is under construction

Wednesday 1st September
Thursday 2nd September
How to generate leads through content ?

At a time when we are already inundated with digital content on a daily basis, it may be legitimate to question the relevance of content creation in a marketing strategy. During this conference, we will see why content marketing is essential, and how it allows us to attract new customers.

Benjamin Faure
Fondateur de l'agence de communication Trophéa / Founder of the communication agency Trophéa
ROUND TABLE: Bamboo: stop or still?

Bamboo, whether raw or in fibre form, has been used for a number of years in promotional gifts. Presented as an ecological material requiring few resources for its cultivation, the reputation of bamboo was shaken at the beginning of the year by the European Commission’s decision to ban the marketing of food contact objects made from bamboo fibres and melamine. So, is it an ecological material or a false good idea? What about the use of bamboo in promotional gifts?

Diane Scemama
Co-fondatrice et présidente de la société Dream Act / Co-founder and President of Dream Act
Florent Zucca
Rédacteur en chef du magazine C!MAG / Editor-in-Chief of C!MAG magazine
Pascale Lambert-Desmurs
experte Chimie et Contact Alimentaire chez SGS France / expert in Chemistry and Food Contact at SGS France
Julien Azoulay
country manager France chez Xindao / responsable pays France chez Xindao
Responsible Media Objects, the revolution in form and content

Faced with the public’s demand for transparency, the players in the communication by object market are showing their willingness to be more transparent about their practices by proposing ever more responsible products. In return, these actions bring with them stricter obligations than usual and their conduct must be exemplary and proven. Talking creates duties.


Gérald Paya
Consultant et formateur auprès de la 2FPCO / Consultant and trainer for 2FPCO
Antony Villeger
Président de la 2FPCO / President of 2FPCO
Market research: the impact of objects on the employer brand and on the end consumer.

This conference aims to present the main results of the TSM 2FCPO 2020 survey measuring both the impact of objects on the employer brand and on the final consumer.
This presentation will also review the data already collected (2018 – 2019 – 2020), proposing a more detailed analysis of the most important dimensions for consumers when receiving a promotional object.

Florian Escoubes
Enseignant et chercheur à l'IAE de Toulouse / Teacher and researcher at the IAE in Toulouse
ROUND TABLE: When retailers put CSR at the heart of their business models

Change of status (company with a mission), integration of stakeholders in the construction of the offer, creation of monitoring and measurement indicators throughout the life of the products, advice and training for advertisers and suppliers, financing of associations through customer orders: reconciling eco-responsibility and economic efficiency, many distributors of advertising objects and promotional textiles are placing CSR at the heart of their business model, contributing to transforming the media object landscape. Let’s take a look.

Florent Zucca
Rédacteur en chef du magazine C!MAG / Editor-in-Chief of C!MAG magazine
Cécile Fougerouse
co-fondatrice de la société Dream Act Pro / co-founder of Dream Act Pro
Marie Lextrait
dirigeante de la société Answer Compagnie / director of Answer Compagnie
Wilfrid de Conti
responsable RSE et CTO de la société Besight / CSR manager and CTO of Besight
Antony Villeger
PDG de la société SAMM Trading / CEO of SAMM Trading
The business challenge by European Sourcing

Although digitalization is now an integral part of your daily life as an entrepreneur, it is not always easy, as there are many different communication channels. Between a website, social networks, email campaigns and even other media, how to communicate effectively? We will try to answer this question with a new format: during this conference, we will discuss 4 practical cases that you will inevitably encounter in your business, and then share with you concrete communication strategies, whether in terms of tools or content.


Gael Rolland
Responsable marketing à European Sourcing / Marketing manager at European Sourcing
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