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Asgard : products to protect against covid-19

The story of Asgard is like the American dream, except that instead of a typical garage, it began in one of the basements in central-western Poland in the early 1990s.

The basement soon became too narrow. Today, after almost 30 years of continuous development and a new warehouse with 3,500 pallet spaces, the company continues to grow exponentially. With 140 employees and customers in more than 30 countries, Asgard has become a leading player in the market for advertising products.

In this period of health crisis, the company has developed a range of products to ensure the safety of all. These include reusable masks, disinfectant gels and protective visors.


mist antibacter asgardThe MIST ANTIBACTER cleaner is a product that allows you to clean screens, mobile phones, computer keyboards or other electronic devices without any problem. A special disinfectant liquid will quickly and easily remove bacteria, viruses and other impurities, and the cleaned screen will be dustproof. The container containing the liquid (with a capacity of 15ml) is placed in the body of the product, which is also equipped with a microfibre cloth. The edges of the MIST are covered with microfibre to ensure that the screen will not be scratched.



TriSEPT Max disinfectant liquidliquide désinfectant asgard

TriSEPT Max disinfecting liquid with a capacity of 100 ml, is intended for disinfecting hands. Made from alcohol, glycerine and water. The liquid contains 70% ethyl alcohol. Thanks to a practical “press-to-open” opening, it guarantees optimal comfort during use. The product is ready to use and works without the addition of water. Another advantage: it evaporates quickly from all surfaces.



masque réutilisable AsgardReusable mask

The face protection mask, made of a double-layer polypropylene non-woven 50g / m2. Is an external protective barrier for the respiratory tract. It has a comfortable and flexible ear hook and offers a firm grip on the mask for the nose and mouth. The fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and can be washed at 40-60 degrees Celsius . This product is made in Poland.



Protective visorvisière asgard

This visor offers comfortable protection thanks to the rubber used in the helmet. This allows the product to adapt to the shape of the wearer’s head. On the safety side, the visor is made of transparent PET with a thickness of 176 microns. This product, made in Poland, is reusable and can be cleaned with alcohol.

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