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eco-responsible promotional delicacy

Kalfany Süße Werbung, based in the Black Forest, Germany, presented its latest innovation at the beginning of 2020: a renowned delicacy wrapped in a 100% recyclable bag.

Now it is possible to communicate about the world-famous mentos while respecting the planet. Its plastic packaging has been replaced by FSC®-certified food paper. A godsend for all brands wishing to highlight their eco-responsible commitment while indulging with a delicious delicacy.

The newly developed paper bags, made from renewable raw materials, can be disposed of together with waste paper and are thus introduced into the recycling cycle for the recovery of waste paper.

As part of IFS-certified production, the paper has a very thin heat-sealable coating, which allows processing on conventional packaging machines. It is then processed into small, customizable bags in the 85 x 60 mm format. Filled with delicious mentos chewy candies (fruit mix: strawberry, orange, lemon), the result is an advertising medium that tastes good and at the same time helps to protect the environment! The pouches have a high barrier strength, so that a shelf life of 9 months can be guaranteed.

Both the sweets and their packaging are completely Made in Europe. Yet another reason to give in to the temptation of this delicacy! (Available from 3,000 sachets upwards).


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